Mulle Meck builds a car — a children’s book


Congratulations! You can now download the first book of the educational series “Mulle Meсk builds…” to your iPad or iPhone. Read, play, interact and learn as Mulle Meck builds his car.

Make the cows moo and the engine work! Each page offers animations for your child to explore.

There are many tasks that your child can help Mulle Meck with. Set up a wheel, or help Mulle choose the right key!
Everything is for real.

Listen to the story, or read it by yourself.


  • Learn how a car works together with Mulle Meck;
  • Educational information about how the mechanisms work in the car and how to use the tools;
  • New animations on every page;
  • Some animations are hidden. Can you find them all?
  • Help Mulle Meck with different tasks;
  • The stunning original artwork of the book is enhanced with new features;
  • All artwork is approved by illustrator Jens Ahlbom.

Mulle Meck’s cars — a construction set for kids


A game for curious designers, creators, and experimenters! At Mulle Meck’s garage, you’ll find all the parts, paint, and tools you’d ever want. Create the most eye-popping cars and then take them for a spin on the road.

  • With more than 100 frame choices and combinations of front and rear parts from various cars, you can get the funniest, most unusual automobiles;
  • There are no limits! Your only limit is your creativity. Carriage wheels on a go-cart? Hey, why not!
  • Color the cars however you want. Nourish your child’s creative development.

The car is ready. Now let’s find out how it’s going to behave on the road.

  • Of course, the weight, type of wheels, and engine power vary depending on the car. All of this affects speed and how easily you overcome obstacles on the tracks;
  • Check it out! This old banger can’t even get up the hill. Apparently, it must be too heavy. Let’s try and modify its design;
  • Obstacles on the course keep things interesting;
  • Let’s not forget about fuel, since the car won’t go anywhere without it;
  • After driving down the highway, the car’s gotten quite filthy. Not to worry. Let’s take it to the car wash!
  • When you’ve created a car that really wows you, you can take a photo of it. The photograph will be saved in the photo gallery on your device.

Mulle Meck’s cars – for curious explorers and designers is a vast canvas for creativity and experiments.

Dragons: Create&Fly!

Tens of different elements of which hundreds of unique dragons can be made. Let your children match wings, heads, bodies and tails in any combination.
When a dragon is ready, it requires some colouring and a little bit of magic…

Magic transforms a paper dragon into a real one! The constructed application turns into a live small dragon! The colour and appearance of the dragon corresponds to that what was created by the child!

The little dragon starts its journey at once in search of its mother! On its way it meets quite a lot of obstacles. However, even a child who has no experience in other games can easily get over all obstacles. All funny creatures and weather phenomena are animated! You certainly may and you must press on them! (At last the dragon’s mother will be found at the end of the flight.)

Collect stars
The stars, which are met on the way, shall be collected. If 10 pieces are gathered, then at the end of the flight a new element for construction of dragons will be opened!
This is the only challenge in the game but it very easily can be coped with (it seems that it is more difficult not to collect 10 stars).


National Giraffic

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Do you want to know geography well? National Giraffic will help you to learn geography of the world, to remember location of states, their capitals and flags.

We have combined gaming and learning – now you can enjoy the game while learning something useful!

National Giraffic is the game for the whole family! Challenge your friends and family.

Test your knowledge on all difficulty levels from novice to a real expert. If you or your kid are not familiar with geography of a continent, it’s not a big deal – you’ll be able to study it step by step.


We are a team of like-minded professionals. A common goal units us – we aim to create high-quality educational games for kids, including our own. Each one of us has completed many projects; we are able to generate ideas and implement them into life.

We are an international team. Most of us are Russian and Lithuanian guys and recently we got together in our office in Vilnius.


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